Monday, September 29, 2014

Troll-Caught Tuna Contest Results

We received almost 40 entries, all in the illustration category, for the "Troll-Caught Tuna" contest. The inspiration was a label on a tuna can that suggested that maybe trolls did the fishing. I asked you to imagine how trolls might catch, sell, or prep the tuna. The results were wonderful, and it was hard to choose. 

The Grand Prize winner is Jaimie Whitbred, who imagined the trolls bagging their fish as they jog along the seafloor, their feet weighted down with cinderblocks. Jaimie says, "Trolls keep their ancestral fishing methods a closely guarded secret. After all, it's these methods which have allowed trolls fisheries to thrive in waters where other fishermen come up empty-hooked." 

Way to go, Jaimie! You win a set of all three of my instructional videos (either DVDs or downloads), plus a "Department of Art" embroidered patch.

 There were three Honorable Mentions, each of whom wins a "Department of Art" patch. First off is German illustrator Helmut Dohle (Poul).

 The second Honorable Mention prize goes to Cory Van Den Akker, who shows how thoroughly monstrous and determined those trolls are when they want to catch their fish.

And the third Honorable Mention goes to Drew Camino. You get a Dept. of Art patch, too!

All winners, please email me your mailing address, and Jaimie, please let me know in what form you want your videos.

Thanks to everyone for entering. I tried to embed a gallery widget to show all the other entries, but Flickr blocked the code on Blogger. You can see all the additional images by following this link directly to the Flickr album.
Announcement of Troll Caught Tuna Contest


Pablopolteus said...

Hi, my name is Pablo García, on Sunday, September 7,2014 I sent you an illustration for the Troll-Caught Tuna contest but it doesn´t appear in the flicker gallery. Just wondering if you haven´t notice my e-mail.

Best regards and kindly yours,
Pablo García.

Tom Hart said...

Congrats to all the winners, and indeed all the contestants. My immediate thought, James, was what a tough job it must have been for you to choose a winner, or even finalists, out of that esteemed batch.

James Gurney said...

Thanks, Tom! Hi, Pablo, sorry, a few of the images failed to display in the Flickr gallery the first time around. Please check again, and hopefully it's there now.

Pablopolteus said...

You´re rigth James, i´ve checked the gallery again and now it´s there.


Dan said...

Love the variety and creativity in the responses.

Unknown said...

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dragonladych said...

Wonderful entries!
I'm a bit sad I didn't have time to participate this time, hopefully next time!