Saturday, September 13, 2014

Product Review: Travel Brush Set

Yesterday I did a painting using the Richeson Travel Brush Set, a collection of short handled brushes that come in their own stiff protective case.

The case opens to display the brushes while you're working. Each brush tucks into its own elastic holding strap. I like to drape the case over the left page of the sketchbook while I'm working. Turned inside out, the case can also set up on the ground like the letter A, with the cord holding it open at the desired angle. When it's closed up in travel mode, a magnet clasp secures it.

Here's the painting I did with those brushes, using gouache (opaque watercolor). I thoroughly documented the making of the painting on video, and it will be one segment of the next DVD/download called "Gouache in the Wild."

The brush set includes four rounds (sizes 2, 4, 6, and 8) and three flats (sizes 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4"). The combination of brush sizes gave me everything I needed, even for the fine details of the neon supports and wires. The close-up detail above is about an inch and a half square.

I have used the brushes for several paintings now, and I've tried them with watercolor, gouache, and casein.

They're are all made of synthetic fibers, which is what you want for casein especially (the ammonia in casein is hard on brushes). The flats don't hold as much liquid as an equivalently sized sable brush. These are more chisels than mops. They have just the right amount of spring, and so far, they have held their points and edges.

You can get the Richeson Travel Brush Set from a variety of art suppliers, including Daniel Smith, Cheap Joe's, and Dick Blick. 

The set of seven brushes, complete with their case, retail for $79.95, but on Amazon the set is discounted to $38, which is an amazing deal. 


Zoe, ontheroad said...

I don't recall if you ever mentioned the brand of gouache you use, JG.

jeff jordan said...

That's a real sweet one! I'll be looking forward to Gouache in the Wild.

Roberto said...

That little brush holder looks like a good tool for plain-air. I use a larger version for my mural and sign painting brush kits. I find those cloth or leather wrench and tool holders, w the individual pouches for the wrenches, works really well for holding the brushes and keeps them organized and protected. I keep two brush kits rolled up in my tool/brush box: one for my h2o brushes (all nice and clean and conditioned), and the other for my oil brushes (all well oiled and ready to go). Creatively -RQ

TommyD said...
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Matthew Kerr said...

OMG! I love the "full bleed" of the blue sky in the sketchbook! Going right up to the edge with the color looks SO cool!

Unknown said...

A gouache video set as well? That's going to be amazing! I have personally always hated using gouache! So I just use touches of it in my watercolor paintings. Recently though, I found the magic of acryla gouache! Have you done any testing on it? It has all the qualities I love in gouache without the color change and ...hyper-reactivation.

Connie Nobbe said...

Funny you should review this kit... I just purchased it and haven't tried it yet. Looks like a good choice! But looks like I might still need a good sable flat though.

Robyn said...

Looking forward to Gouache in the Wild. Ive been dabbling but could use some solid info and demos. Love the composition on this little painting.