Monday, September 15, 2014

Video of the antique boiler

Here's a short behind the scenes look at the gouache painting of the antique steam boiler at Fairplay, Colorado. (Direct link to video)


Jared Cullum said...

I am so excited for the gouache and casein videos when they're done. 'Watercolor in the Wild' was really terrific.

dinodanthetrainman said...

Cool Have always loved your art work. I had a Dinotopia book as a security blanket. I thought that the person who painted it had to have seen what they painted. Is this for a book or calendar?

This has got me wondering if you ever painted a working steam locomotive? I cannot figure out how too draw the valve gear, so I try to do locomotives that it would not matter but I like the big ones.

PS. When is the next CLEMENTOONS?

Mike Porter said...

I must try gouache some time, but right now I have my hands full getting more skilled at transparent wc. Thanks for this post.

Puhiava said...

Thank you for these great demos. I am learning a ton. I would love to see you produce a video on color and light like you authored in your book. Something like Jeanne Dobie's book "making color sing". Again, thank you!