Saturday, December 17, 2016

Alaskan Art Residency Opportunity

Susan Watkins in Nellie Juan-College Fiord WSA, Chugach National Forest.
Each summer, the U.S. Forest Service hosts an artist residency in Alaska called "Voices of the Wilderness." I mention the opportunity each year on the blog, and many GurneyJourneyers have availed themselves of the opportunity. 

Coordinator Barbara Lydon says that they're now taking applications now for the next season. She says, "We’re pleased to announce that we’re offering eleven different residency opportunities this upcoming summer."

Artists may travel by sea kayak, skiff, tour boat, foot, and airplane. They will be immersed in the wilderness in ways that few people experience. They will camp along intimate fiords, walk through towering rain forests, and have the opportunity to see whales, sea otters, bears and other wildlife. 

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