Monday, December 19, 2016

Two sculptors create each other's portrait

In this demonstration, two master sculptors create clay portraits of each other in real time. The artists are Professor Sarath Chandrajeewa (Dean Faculty of Visual Arts at the University of Visual and Performing Prt in Sri Lanka) and Professor Cao Chang Xu (Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China).
(Link to view video on YouTube)
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caddisman said...

Thoroughly enjoyed that, James, thanks.

Interesting that at one point one artist seemed to spend more time using big sweeping movements with the application of the clay, and the other spent more time making similar movements but much smaller before starting to refine towards the finish.

(I had a related question: Do you remember watching a film of a sculptor do a portrait of Abraham Lincoln when you were a kid, and, if so, do you remember the artist, but then I realized there's this web thing. (searching).


James Gurney said...

Yeah, watching their process side by side made me wonder how each guy was going to arrive at the finish — I also wondered how the Chinese guy was going to handle the other guy's glasses. I was also struck with how for sculptors, the process is view-independent, and they really needed to see the other guy from a variety of angles.

I don't think I ever saw that film about the Lincoln sculpture. If you find it and it's still good, come back and leave a link.

A Colonel of Truth said...

No matter the skill, it is always a joy to watch mastery in action. Merry Christmas!

caddisman said...

Found it!

As a kid in the late 60's it was an inspiration.


Emanuele Fittipaldi said...

It's incredible how they extremely exact with proportion with just a glance