Saturday, December 24, 2016

Free GurneyJourney App

In honor of this season of holidays, I'd like to offer you a gift: a free GurneyJourney iOS app.

It lets you access the Gurney Journey art blog directly from your iPad or iPhone without having to open a browser.

The app will give you all the latest posts updated daily. It's the ultimate pipeline to practical info for realist painters, sketchers, and illustrators, with 4,000 posts since 2007.

No connection? No problem, because the posts are saved offline. It also has a button so that you can read comments or add your own.

My son Dan coded the app, and he's freelancing his design services, so if any of you would like to commission him to build you a similar app, just email him at: gurney.dan [at]
Gurney Journey app for Apple iOS at the iTunes store.
Gurney Journey app for Android at the Google Play store


George Deep said...

This is fantastic! Unfortunately I don't have an Iphone. Will he be making it for Android as well?

James Gurney said...

George, I have an Android too, I sympathize. So I just have the GJ app on my iPad. Dan told me that the app-coding language is different for Android, so I don't know if or when that might come along.

Karen said...

This is awesome. Thanks and Merry Christmas!! Keep up the wonderful work you do.

Unknown said...

Any eta on an Android version? Thank you for sharing what you do!

Gina Lento said...

This is so awesome! Thank you! Merry Christmas!

Belen Rodrigue said...

Thank you!! Its a great present.
Have a nice Xmas. Belen

Vladimir Venkov said...

Merry Christmas! It would be great if we have Android version as well.

Jo-Ann Sanborn said...

Enjoying it. Thank you,

Silvia said...

Hi! It would be awesome if you make this app available in the Bulgarian app store too :)