Monday, December 5, 2016

Richard Johnson's Migrant Portraits

Richard Johnson has served as a war correspondent, urban sketcher, and newspaper illustrator. Now he has turned his attention to portraits and stories from the migrant experience. In a project sponsored by McKinsey&Company, he documented many of them with his sketchbook. He says:
"These are a few of my live sketches of migrants from last week in Rome and Berlin. I spent time and listened to migration stories from people who have moved their worlds for a vast array of reasons....Migrants were drawn live, wherever we happened to meet, in parks in Rome, migrant rescue centers in Berlin, or pleasant Toronto homes.... I get paid to draw pictures of real life. There should be more of us doing it. Making people look. These are my favorites."
See the gallery: People on the move: Migrant voices
Richard's website News Illustrator


Carol said...

Such lovely drawing of such brave people. Glad so many of them move to Toronto!

Robyn said...

Worthwhile project to document these people. said...

Loved reading these stories. Thanks so much for posting.

Kristopher Battles said...

Richard is a great guy, too, and very self-effacing about his work. I've been on a couple of drawing gigs with him, including one deployment to sketch sailors and marines on the USS Bataan. His talent and dedication are something to behold.