Saturday, December 31, 2016

Party Time

We're about to launch into 2017. Why not party?

We're all just refugees from a bygone era, doing our best to adapt to the demands of a new world. So let us bake a pie, play a tune, dance a jig, or paint a picture, because that's what we do.
Image from Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara, available signed from our USA web store or on Amazon.
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Steve said...

Lovely painting, alive and cheerful. "Refugees from a bygone era..."; a designation with many possible interpretations. Well said.

At breakfast this morning, my wife said her main resolution for 2017 was to get out and dance more, at least once a month. We'll seek venues where dinosaurs play button accordion and concertina.

Tom Hart said...

Love the thought and the painting. Happy New Year (if a few hours prematurely) to you and Jeanette!

Susan Krzywicki said...

Great sentiment!

Happy New Year.

Luca said...

Here in Italy is 2017 yet, so this is the first comment of the New Year (and by the way i'm the man from the future at the moment, since you are still in 2016. This could be the greatest achievement of my life so far, ah ah ah :D ).

Humanity felt the need to draw before the need to write, so it's in our DNA representing things through images. Things will change but there's always be someone creating images, somewhere.

Maybe a little less dinosaurs playing accordion at parties, but i hope they are having fun as well.

Happy new year! :)

Mel Gibsokarton said...

Ehh, screw that new world and its senseless demands, I don't wanna deal with the 21st century.

Happy new year nevertheless.

Fabio said...

Happy new year!