Thursday, May 18, 2017

Gran Torino in Gouache

While waiting for my car to be inspected, I do a gouache sketch of a Gran Torino. That car was produced by Ford in the early 1970s, with Coke-bottle styling and the long-hood-short-deck look. 

I mention to my mechanic, who modifies and races Triumph Spitfires, that the Gran Torino looks like a pretty hot car to drive.

Sure, it looks great and sounds loud, he says, but it doesn't really handle that well by today's standards. Just about any car these days has better steering, braking, and acceleration. "Even a Ford Focus! That car is a beast compared to the Torino."   

Watercolor sketchbook
Watercolor pencils
Round and flat brushes
Fountain pen


Garrett said...

Wow– thanks for the link to the Spitfire painting! My Dad still has his 1969 Spitfire that he bought in the early 70's.. We took it apart to rebuild in the 90's but it has never fully made it back together. It's about 75% complete these days; I'm hoping we can drive it within the decade :)

bernicky said...

It's true, cars on the road today handle better, accelerate better, brake better, do everything except look better. Few cars today have styling that really catches the eye - once in a while something will come out that inspires but mostly it's just wedges and boxes. There's something to be said for looking good.