Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Oil Painting Sequence

Here's a step-by-step sequence from a plein-air oil study I painted a few years ago. All through the two hour process, I was eager to paint in the tiny flecks of foamy bubbles and the highlights along the waterline, but I held off on those until the end. (Link to video on Facebook)

The painting appeared in my book Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter available on Amazon or signed on my web store.

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Biff said...

In the same style as your full length 'in the wild' videos, It would be wonderful to see your approach to oil painting, either plein air or studio or a hybrid.

Nicholas Elias said...

I'm with Biff, I'd love an Oil in the Wild!
James, I have been meaning to ask - do you have any advice for traveling on an airplane with an oil painting setup? I'm traveling later this month and will be trying to bring my oil plein air rig on a plane for the first time. I don't want anything to be confiscated!

James Gurney said...

Thanks, Biff, that's in the plans; just a few others to produce first.

Nicholas, first thing is to put an informative label in your checked luggage for the TSA in your luggage. Here's a text you can use:
You'll have to buy the solvent after you arrive since you can't really fly with that. And any tubes you take carry-on shouldn't say "paint" on them, and they have to be in the baggie. Better to put them in checked luggage.