Thursday, May 25, 2017

'How to Make Easel' Video Releases This Saturday

On Saturday, May 27, I release my newest video tutorial called: "How to Make a Sketch Easel."

Beginners and pros alike will be able to follow step-by-step as I build my compact, lightweight easel. I've been perfecting this design for decades, and it's ideal for sketchbooks and small panels.

Plus I'll show four different ways to make a white diffuser. Each one is a vast improvement over the blowdown-prone white umbrella. 

I thoroughly cover materials, tools, and methods, and I share alternate build techniques for those who don't have many power tools or workshop skills.

The video shows how to make the sketch easel plus four different diffuser designs. It explains what tools and materials you'll need, and demonstrates all the steps.
The HD download of "How to Make a Sketch Easel" is more than an hour long and costs only $14.95.

It's available now from Gumroad and SellfyThe DVD version is available for $24.50, and it includes a slide show. The DVD is also available on Amazon.

There is also a Facebook group called "Sketch Easel Builders" where you can share your build or ask questions of fellow builders. It's free to join.


Anonymous said...

I'm in!

Fabio said...

Awesome! Just in time, I am re-building my lightweight sketch easel based on your design, James :) I will get the video as soon as it releases!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Excellent, James! I have loved seeing yours evolve over time. Looking forward to this release. My pochade is made from a cigar box. :)