Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Pocket Sketching Rig

When I attend a fancy-dress event, such as an opera, a wedding, or a black tie fundraiser, my sketching gear has got to fit into a single pocket. Here's what I bring:

Two water brushes, one filled with clear water, and one with diluted black water-soluble ink.
• Fountain pen filled with sepia ink
• I add the white gouache to the collar later.


Penn Tomassetti said...

Thanks for showing this today. I have been wanting to try a water brush using watercolor ink and this post was the motivation for me to go out and do so.

Carole Pivarnik said...

In my pocket sketch kit, I have a waterbrush, mechanical pencil, super skinny stick eraser, water soluble graphite pencil, white china marker, Pentel Hybrid Technica technical pen which has ever so slightly water soluble ink, and a fountain pen with bulletproof ink. The china marker is nice for white highlights but also can produce sketchy lines which is why I tend to favor it over a white gel pen. These all fit in a soft-sided, open top eyeglass case that I can attach to a small sketchbook with a stretchy hairband.

Always fun to see what everyone else carries! How I wish they made water-soluble graphite leads for lead holders.

Unknown said...

Lovely works

Anonymous said...

I'd recommend bringing along a white gel pen so you don't have to add the white gouache later. Not that bulky.

Gloria J Callahan Colored Pencil Paintings said...

Hi James, As primarily a colored pencil artist working in a saturated multilayered style for my main work. there is a White Water-soluble pencil made by Stabilo, which writes on glass, china, metal and more. Stabillo Aquarelle. If I use the tip of my fairly dry water brush directly on the tip of the pencil to pick up a gouache like consistency of pigment it will top bright highlights off just like gouache! And it will stick to very heavily waxy colored pencil, water color, and other media. Nice especially since I have had a white gel pen leak in my purse and a gouache filled water pen leak too! Yuck!