Monday, May 15, 2017

Tepper and Avati in Illustration Mag

The new Illustration Magazine (Vol. 14 #56) has feature articles on Saul Tepper and James Avati.

Like Dean Cornwell and Harold von Schmidt, Saul Tepper (1899-1987) was a student of Harvey Dunn.

James Avati (1912-2005) was best known for his paperback covers for American novels by mainstream writers like William Faulkner, Pearl Buck and Erskine Caldwell. His smoky, sultry young men and women promised drama and danger, and his composition and lighting choices were always fresh and interesting.

Here's more info:
Illustration Magazine


Mel Gibsokarton said...

Ahh, these look so sweet! Thank you for sharing

Unknown said...

In Avati's painting, I love how the detail of the fallen bottle and glass enhances the narrative.