Saturday, August 12, 2017

Castle Kidnapped

I painted this bizarre scene in 1989 for the cover of "Castle Kidnapped" by John DeChancie. My friend James Warhola posed for the guy with the fizzy wine glass, and I posed as the jester with the levitating marotte

I enjoyed the creature design on this one, especially figuring out the walk cycle of a 6-legged blue ankylo-tortoise. I hope that little orange eyeball frog hops away before he gets stepped on.

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Geoff said...

I learn something every day from your blog, James. Today I learned the word "marotte." Though I'm not entirely sure how the marotte in this wonderful picture is levitating! Maybe I'm looking at the wrong figure. Anyway, great fun!

CC said...

I love this! And I can tell you were the jester! Wonderful, colorful piece!