Friday, August 18, 2017

Release of "Flower Painting in the Wild"

"Flower Painting in the Wild" is now available, and today only it's 10% off Buy now
(scroll down for more links). Here's what the reviewers are saying:

“Who doesn't love to sit in a garden? Translucent and highly chromatic, flowers are the most challenging subjects to render in the studio. Put them in a mass outdoors in flickering light, moving in a gentle breeze...even the most accomplished plein air painter will head for the hills instead. James Gurney takes you with him to observe and paint on a larger panel as well as his iconic sketchbook pages. Practical, erudite and charming, James shows you how he integrates that devilish chartreuse leaf green into his impressionistic paintings of flowers on site. Watch him create a formally satisfying composition while only selecting details that are botanically relevant. He also puts it all in philosophical context, quoting Ruskin no less, that urges you to go outside to smell, see and paint the roses!”
Elissa Gore, Landscape Painting Instructor, New York Botanical Garden

"Set at the New York Botanical Gardens, you get to see how an artist tackles the complexity of nature. With shifting light, wind blowing and pedestrians passing by Gurney does an elegant painting. Taking the time to see the structure of the flower, Gurney develops the painting to a high level of finish. The combination of his ability to understand solid depictions of light and form as well as structure and brush handling, make this video a joy to watch for every level of artist. Whether you are just starting out or have mastered your own technique, to behold a fresh alla prima painting in plein air is a treat for any artist. Gurney filmed the video himself which gives it a raw, personal touch. I highly recommend it and look forward to viewing others in the future.”
Michael Klein, East Oaks Studio

"With this DVD James Gurney provides the viewer an excellent opportunity to learn about flower painting in a natural setting while paying keen attention to different shapes and light, general value and color in nature, and how to bring them all together in a finished painting. He demonstrates not only the painting techniques but gives also information about the surrounding environment and how to engage with the public while painting. Gurney is a master at explaining how to handle clustered masses of plant parts, without absolute delineation of detail so that one’s mind is inspired to build the final picture."
Mervi Hjelmroos-Koski, Ph.D., D.Sc., Manager of School of Botanical Art & Illustration, Denver Botanic Gardens

"Flower Painting in the Wild" is another excellent video from James Gurney, particularly if you're interested in casein paint. Using casein in most segments, he paints several varieties of flowers, demonstrating its opacity and versatility. As in his previous video demonstrations, solid technique, sharp and useful video images, and Gurney's obvious humility and good-humor make this a must for the student of painting. Highly recommended.”
Gary Hoff

“The video is a great way to learn painting flowers outdoors in any medium.”
—Eleinne Basa

Flower Painting in the Wild
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Amanda said...

That was fantastic! I have often painted my own garden, but usually chicken out and simplify it more than I would like when the complexity becomes overwhelming. I certainly learned a few things from your approach that encourages me to get out and have another go. Many thanks for making it.

Sam Borg said...

I was going to wait until next month to buy this but I was so dazzled by the paintings in the trailer, I went into a trance and pressed the buy button. Thanks so much for creating this video!

Biff said...

I think this is the best 'in the wild' video yet. Great demonstration of lost and found edges, painting negative space, keeping your place through a complex scene, dealing with plein air distractions, excellent close-up views of superb brush work, emphasis when depicting reflections, glazing with gouache (and casein) and even how to make friends with green. Great Stuff!!

James Gurney said...

Wow, thank you, Biff, Sam and Amanda! That means a lot to me. I'm so glad you got a lot out of it.

Luca said...

I really love your videos, both the long ones from Gumroad and the short ones on Youtube. They are a fantastic source of knowledge but they are also so light hearted and serene that they are really a relief from life problems: it's nice to spend some time with such a nice person! I suspect i'd watch hours of your videos about crocheting or cooking pies too, ah ah! :D I'm downloading it right now and i can't wait to watch it! PS: "Crocheting in the wild" could be a great title for a new series, by the way.

Carole Pivarnik said...

Another home run! Watching you paint is by itself so instructive, but you add so much with your explanations...and sharing some of John Ruskin's thoughts on dealing with portraying the complexity of nature was icing on the cake. Flowers can be so overwhelming (it's nice to see you have your own moments of that!) but you've helped me think about how to both simplify them and accurately portray their visual personality. I have purchased all of your long-form videos and never tire of watching them. I learn something new or am reminded of something I forgot each time, mostly about managing values and how to get that spectacular sense of light every one of your sketches and paintings contains. Thanks for sharing your expertise so generously.

James Gurney said...

Thanks, Carole! Give those nice mules and mini horses a nice scratch on the shoulders for us.