Friday, August 11, 2017

Flower Painting in the Wild Preview

Here's a preview of the next video tutorial, which releases on Friday, August 18—one week from now. (Link to video on YouTube)

It'll be an hour and 10 minutes long, packed full of practical and inspiring insights about painting flowers outdoors in the garden and in nature.

I'll be using gouache and casein, which are fast-drying, opaque, water-based media, ideal for floral studies. The painting insights are universal and will benefit oil and acrylic painters as well.

Michael Klein of East Oaks Studio says: "Whether you are just starting out or have mastered your own technique, to behold a fresh alla-prima painting in plein air is a treat for any artist.”


Scotty A said...

James, you should have your own series on Netflix. I'd binge it every day!

sketcher said...

Always enjoy your DVDs and own many of them. Transparent watercolor is my medium and I wondered, is there any specific reason why you did not choose transparent watercolor for 1 of the demonstrations?

James Gurney said...

Thanks, Scotty!

Sketcher, Here's a short free video on YouTube of painting a garden in (mostly) transparent watercolor.

Jen Drummond said...

Hi James, Just want to let you know I tried to buy the video and got an error saying "This product is not currently for sale", and others have reported the same thing in the YouTube preview comments. Hope you can figure it out, I am looking forward to watching!


James Gurney said...

Hi, Jenna, Thanks for trying, but the video doesn't release until August 18. That was just a preview.

Carol Scown-Raynal said...

Hi James, Looking forward again to this new video. As you know I live in France and I just succeeded in attaching the wooden easel on the tripod thanks to a special nut very difficult to find here... My easel is nearly like yours (bought your video to help me build it), I just have a different system as I can't get the special hinges (I have a piece of wood to block the wooden plate and have it secured thanks to velcro). Now, I can paint in my garden the lovely palm trees (and get bitten by mosquitos). Michel, my husband, calls me "Mrs Gurney" ah ah as I have the same easel, you can tell Jeanette. ;-)

Jen Drummond said...

D'oh! Thanks James, will be sure to grab it when it releases!