Thursday, August 17, 2017

Story Time from Space

Jeanette and I had breakfast this morning with MICA painting instructor and maritime history painter Patrick O'Brien. He told me that one of his children's books, "You Are the First Kid on Mars" went up on SpaceX to the Space Station to be read aloud online. Pretty cool!


My Pen Name said...

a patrick obrien marine painter... that's going to cause some confusion :)

Patrick O'Brien said...

Thanks Jim. Nice to be part of the sketchbook.

msp said...

According to the kunaki page, the DVD won't be released till the 20th. I couldn't find a way to order it today for the discount. Help?

James Gurney said...

MSP, I moved the release date earlier. We've been getting sales through the site. Try this link.
If that doesn't work, don't worry: I'll maintain the sale price on the DVD through August 21.

My Pen, Yes, it's just a coincidence that the famous writer of marine history shares the name.

Patrick, always great to see you.