Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Book on Coby Whitmore is in the works

Publisher Daniel Zimmer is taking preorders for a monograph on 1950s illustrator Coby Whitmore coming out this June. Coby is one of my all-time favorites, right up there with Al Parker, Jon Whitcomb, and Harry Anderson.

With this series of books, Zimmer has almost singlehandedly achieved something that mainstream art publishers have failed to accomplish: to document the legacy of the great 20th century illustrators in elegantly-produced monographs. The contribution he is making is so important for future generations who would otherwise never be able to see the work of these masters of illustration.

Preorder Coby Whitmore: Artist and Illustrator 


Ben said...

There are so many unsung heroes (and not-sung-enough heroes) of illustration that I appreciate books like these even if I don't buy them all. A lot of excellent artists will never have their own book, so thanks for bringing some of those to our attention as well!

AMD Fineart said...

I have started using watercolors, and i really enjoy your paintings, videos, and blogs. Kind of an aside comment, but hearing that you appreciated Harry Anderson. My parents knew his family. And my father became the pastor of his church about the time he passed away. i have enjoyed his paintings in the Uncle Arthur's Bible Stories.