Thursday, February 8, 2018

How Old Folks Talked in 1929

Old people were lively and well spoken a century ago. (Link to YouTube)

Some of the people in these video clips were born earlier than 1840, with one man vividly recalling an event he witnessed in the Civil War.

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Franko said...

How would you like to spend a day (or several) in 1929 with your paints and sketchbook? What I wouldn't give for a time machine.

Unknown said...

This is fascinating. I love how well dressed everyone is.

Are the voices higher pitched due to the way they recorded sound back then?

Susan Krzywicki said...

Beautiful. The vet called the Civil War the "war of Rebellion". Interesting.

Franko said...


Talkies were brand new in 1929, with movie cameras barely past the hand cranked silent era. For recorded sound to sound "right" it has to record and play back at a highly regulated constant speed. The ability to do that was several years in the future and even then, only available for the professional studios that could afford the best equipment.