Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Garden Party Film

The Garden Party is an animated film where a frog and a toad explore an abandoned mansion. (Link to trailer on YouTube)

It was produced by a team of six 3D artists as a graduation project for school. By doing careful planning and research, they achieved a remarkable level of realism, both in the rendering and the movement. (Link to YouTube)


Susan Krzywicki said...

Maybe I am feeling a little discouraged today. I'd been out bug collecting a few days ago in a prosperous part of town...and this movie reminded me of something we noticed.

If this home is in Southern California (where I am), then there is no way there would be enough frogs to have a party...too much wildlife has been killed off in the interest of keeping the landscape beautiful: chemicals, etc.

But the wonderful animation of the frogs in this movie is so engaging. So detailed and luminous. Thank you for sharing.

Carole Mayne said...

Loved the animation! Didn’t see the ending coming! Thanks for sharing (-:

jytte said...

Excellent film with an excellent ending. Thank you for showing us :o)