Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Watercolor to be offered for sale

An original watercolor painting of mine celebrating art made by hand will be offered for sale at the "Interlace" exhibition at Bynd Artisan in Singapore from March 8-18, 2018.

The watercolor takes up two facing pages of a limited edition, handmade sketchbook called "The Perfect Sketchbook," an idea Kickstarted by Erwin Lian.

I painted the two pages directly from life. The sketch on the left documents a magical moment. I brought my manual typewriter to the student center of a nearby college, and shot a video for Facebook Live of a student's mom named Kathleen who spontaneously posed for me at the keyboard while I painted her portrait.

On the facing page, I lettered a thought that occurred to me as I was painting in watercolor, comparing the mental commitment that both activities require.

On the right page is portrait of my Olympia SM9 from 1967. This typewriter was made during a high point of German postwar manufacturing, and it is regarded by connoisseurs as one of the finest manual typewriters every built.

Before the age of computers, I typed on manuals all the time. I had almost forgotten what it feels like until my 27-year-old son gave me one that he found in a garage sale. I did a watercolor portrait of the typewriter and documented it on video.
More info about the exhibit here and here on Facebook


Joel Fletcher said...

One. Million. Dollars. ;-)

Steve said...

This is a wonderful blending of image, thought, and lettering. As someone who still pecks out the occasional missive on a 1936 Royal portable, I can appreciate the comparison to watercolor painting. Both processes do demand reflection before moving the hand. The recent movie, “California Typewriter” mentioned (was it Tom Hanks speaking?) the Olympia. It’s probably too late to mention this, but a print of these two pages would be nice...

J. R. Stremikis said...

Two. and. a. half. Million. Dollars. ;-)

Typewriters were life, before word processing, before desktop publishing. Before self-publishing. And now becoming a watercolorist. It's all here, on two pages. With feeling.

Steve, do you know about Tom Hanks' "Hanx writer"? It's an app for your iPhone or iPad --
and it gives "the typewriter experience."


or, http://hanxwriter.com

be sure to check out the various typewriters in the collection, Hanx' favorites.


please keep us informed on the availability of a print.

James Gurney said...

J. Stremikis and Steve, I haven't tried Hanxwriter, but I did see the documentary "California Typewriter," which I loved. It's good to see vinyl records and typewriters making a comeback.

Joel, actually the prices in the show are very reasonable, and there are a lot of wonderful artists participating.

Carole Mayne said...

Wonderful! Typewriters are one of the things our grandkids and future generations won't know about, except that you made it historically preserved in your painting and writings.
Similarly, I retouched portrait negatives for 30 years... until film vanished.. now it's all done on the computer.. time just moves on so fast!

Sketching Artist said...

This is wonderful and what an opportunity! for someone to own it. The typewriter reminded me of a book I just finished reading; Tom Hanks' "Uncommon Type". Mr Hanks has a bit of an obsession with typewriters and has an impressive collection. The book is a collection of short stories that all include a typewriter. Super great!!!

J. R. Stremikis said...

Sketching Artist - very much appreciate the connection to "Uncommon Type." Just finished watching "California Typewriter," based on recommendations/discussion here -- very resonant with Jim's sketch and video, for those of us with lifelong obsession.