Saturday, February 10, 2018

Video on Jeremy Mann now on YouTube

The film about painter Jeremy Mann by Loïc Zimmermann, called "A Solitary Mann" is now available for free on YouTube.
It's a moody dive into the angry love he feels for the art and act of painting. 

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Sheridan said...

A few years back I attended an opening of a one man show of the work of the art professor at Bates College, at Bates College Gallery. There were several non-artists, as wells you can guess, many of his students. One thing that he said when he was asked to speak to those attending was; " One thing you must remember is that if you choose the life of an artist, you will spend a great many hours alone in a room." That statement of fact is at the same level as the one by an artist (I forget who) when asked; "How long did it take you to paint that picture?" and the artist thought for a moment and answered; "A lifetime"

Thanks for posting the link.