Monday, July 16, 2018

Color and Light in Russian and Korean

Here's my contribution to international diplomacy: the new Russian and Korean editions of Color and Light: A Guide for Realist Painters.


Aljosa said...

A much better contribution than what we see in international politics these days!

D.Neiman said...

Джеймс Гарни. Цвет и Свет. подробное пособие по рисованию для начинающих и профессионалов. от автора динотопии. just in case :)

nuum said...
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nuum said...


You don't need to translate the books to russian and korean
to help President Trump's international diplomacy.

Your work is in itself a HUGE contribution to him.

You are an international true celebrity, my friend.
Be sure about this.

signed: A Brazilian fan.


Bob said...

You need not be an artist to appreciate Color And Light. It demonstrates how we see what's in front of us in ways one may not have thought of. Visuals transcend both language and political boundaries. I really like the cover image on the Russian version and can't help but wonder why it's different.

Unknown said...

Now i have a birthday present for my non english speaking friend.

Leandrone said...

Português please !

Rivera said...

I really love your book and of course this blog as well.
Greetings from Chile

Harris Clerk said...

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