Thursday, July 5, 2018

Wilhelm Amberg

A young woman in a white dress sits alone peering into the shallows of a forest pool. 

She has gathered some wildflowers, but in her reverie or sadness, a few of them tumble from her lap, perhaps a reference to Ophelia from Hamlet.

The painting is by Wilhelm Amberg (1822-1899), a genre painter from Berlin. Note the simplicity of the background. It's just enough information to place us in the forest, but it doesn't distract from her face and expression. The white shape of her dress is simple and clear. 

In addition to his figural paintings, Amberg painted outdoors on location.


Steve said...

Once again — as with the Oyens brothers earlier this week — you’ve added an interesting painter to contemplate. Thanks, again, Jim, for all you share with us.

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