Sunday, July 8, 2018

Surfside on the Lake

I assume that the name "Surfside" is semi-whimsical, because there isn't much surf on Lake George.

I want to paint this neon sign showing the lights coming on, so I wait until after sunset to start painting. I try to anticipate the effect of the fading light of dusk by exaggerating the gradation in the sky and darkening and softening the ground areas around the base of the sign. 
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A Colonel of Truth said...

The distant “cars” (so simply suggested - headlights and tailights) bring the sign, as nice as it is, to life. Sparkle! Or so it seems to me. Golf applause!

Lou said...

You nailed it James. It very much reminds me of that "Golden Hour" when the neon starts to come on just at sunset.

doug goodale said...

Well done James!!

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Alan Anderson said...

Excellent artistic capture of a sliver of time at twilight