Monday, July 2, 2018

Make a Sketch Easel: Materials

(Link to video on YouTube)
Here are the materials you'll need to get started making your own sketch easel. The materials are surprisingly inexpensive (except for those darned hinges), compared to the expense of buying a factory easel.

1/4 x 1/16-inch Neodymium magnets (you’ll need about 17-20): 

Video tutorial

The video shows how to make the sketch easel plus four different diffuser designs. It explains what tools and materials you'll need, and demonstrates all the steps. The HD download of "How to Make a Sketch Easel" is more than an hour long and costs only $14.95. It's available now from Gumroad and SellfyThe DVD version is available for $24.50, and it includes a slide show. The DVD is also available on Amazon.

Join the Facebook Group: "Sketch Easel Builders" You can share your build or ask questions of fellow builders. It's free to join.

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Fishbowl said...

Would this DVD by any chance include closed-captions?