Monday, July 30, 2018

Painting on Daffodil Hill

A few weeks ago I painted at the New York Botanical Garden with a group of friends. Here's a video of the adventure.

We were fortunate to have a wonderful model, Mary Alice Ladd, join us on the second day, so I spent the first day getting the painting started and painting in the background.
(Link to YouTube)
I used casein paint, on a canvas-covered panel, and then I varnished the painting to give the dark colors more depth.

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Bob said...

This is so beautiful! I just had to share the link on the Dinotopia Message Board. The video clearly shows how you begin with broad swaths of color before progressing to fine detail -- without even a pencil sketch underneath. How much is this method transferable to digital painting? Also this is one of your best video productions: I especially like the transitions from life to the painting.

James Gurney said...

Thanks for the compliment, Bob. This was an unusual way of working. In the early stages, I didn't have a lot of solid measurements to work with. I've seen a lot of digital painters start in this very loose way and refine it as they go.

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Bob said...


Thanks so much for your answer. Come to think of it, there's another video where you demonstrate this working method on your blog:

I'll have to try it despite my timidity (of course with digital painting the eraser and undo are my friends!).


Bob (a.k.a. bricabrach)