Monday, October 8, 2018

Haddon Sundblom Book Review

A new monograph on the art of Haddon Sundblom (1899-1976) is now available.

Sundblom was dominant in the field of advertising illustration, expressing the exuberance and confidence of mid-20th-century American society.

The 224-page hardback monograph continues the splendid series from the Illustrated Press spotlighting notable American illustrators.

Born of Swedish immigrants, Sundblom's cheerful, colorful oil paintings were influenced by Anders Zorn and John Singer Sargent. He was a famously fast painter, producing complete illustrations alla prima.

He is best known for his portrayals of Santa Claus for Coca-Cola, basing the character described in Clement Moore's original poem, but making the character more human-sized and rosy-cheeked. His neighbor posed for many years, and later the artist used his own face as reference.

In addition to his advertising art, Sundblom made significant contributions in the field of dramatic story illustrations. He also influenced a generation of other illustrators in the Chicago area. His circle of friends, colleagues, and students included Harry Anderson, Andrew Loomis, and Gil Elvgren.

The book has a brief biography and 300 illustrations taken from both original art and tear sheets.

224 pages, 9x12 inches, hardcover with dust jacket. $44.95 (U.S.)
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Morgan said...

Let us no forget that Howard Terpning apprenticed with Sunblom for 5 years as well. He has told me many stories of what it was like to work with him, counting brushstrokes, etc. It is a great book for anyone to have in their collection.

Unknown said...

Still can't decide my favorite of all the depicted samples here:
All of them are great!

Each in its own way.

Jtoritto said...

I can't wait to do studies from this book.

James Gurney said...

Morgan, thanks for reminding me about Terpning studying under Sundblom. I had forgotten that. Sundblom would have been pretty proud of what he -- and you -- have accomplished.