Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Morning Light in Texas

From the porch of our rented house in Driftwood, Texas, I paint the morning light on the grass. (link to Facebook video) If you listen closely to the recorded sound, you can hear Jeanette whisking scrambled eggs in the kitchen.

I'm using gouache, first transparently and then with more opacity. For some of the bright light effects, I use a hard pastel called Nupastel.
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Matt said...

Very nice. Do you sell your sketches?

Anonymous said...

Im terribly sorry I missed your lecture on Monday, & I havent looked at Muddy Colors in a while either, so I'm late, but:

Congrats at beung named a Grand Master!

Frazetta is still a "god" though! 😉

Happy Halloween, dont let the werewolves bite!

Rich said...

I can smell the wonderfully fresh morning air.

Shuruti Singh said...

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