Saturday, October 27, 2018

Visit to Powerhouse Animation

Yesterday in Austin, Texas, I had an inspiring tour of Powerhouse Animation Studios.

I'm seen here with production directors Shane Minshew and Jason Williams, and co-founders Bruce Tinnin and Brad Graeber. Meet other members of the crew here.

Powerhouse Animation is best known for the Castlevania series, which released its much-awaited second season yesterday. The first season was the most popular digital original series in the U.S. during 2017.  They also produce all kinds of other animation, including TV commercials, motion graphics, motion comics, and children's books, which keeps their crew of about 60 artists busy.

The studio has a very friendly and creative vibe, with workstations surrounded by some of the most amazing toy / figurine collections. I asked them what they would like to tell art students about the reality of the animation business, and they said 1) know your fundamentals, and 2) be flexible with your style, and 3) keep your student films short.

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Rich said...

They may hire you!
Lots of very well seasoned advices to be handed out by yours truly;-)