Sunday, November 18, 2018

Camera Gear for Art Videos

After reading an earlier post called How to Video Your Art, Part 1: Camera Guide, blog reader Heather asked "I was just wondering if you had any new tech to film your videos or if you are still using the same [gear]?"

Heather, the most important new tech is the Canon M6 camera. This camera is now my main workhorse for art videos.

I use my other three cameras for secondary angles or for additional coverage (the GoPro, the Canon PowerShot Elph, and the Canon Vixia camcorder).

One of the features of the M6 that's helpful for art videos is the time lapse function. The way it works is that a built-in intervalometer silently captures one frame per second and automatically compiles the individual frames into a video file.

Because it's a mirrorless camera, it's a smaller profile and lighter weight than a regular single-lens-reflex camera. It also captures video at High Definition 1080p at either 30 frames per second or 60fps. It's also a good camera for shooting high-res stills of artwork.

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Video Downloads and Apps
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Other photo gear
The GoPro is compact, so you can see past it when you're painting
Canon M6 mirrorless camera is excellent for time lapse, video, and stills.
Shutter release timers (or intervalometer)
An external hard drive helps because video files are so big

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bernicky said...

Thank you for the info. I've been wondering what gear you use.