Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Using HB and 2B Graphite Pencils

Jim McMahon asks:
What kind of pencil did you use for the sketches shown on the You Tube video: Dan Gurney Accordion Player, Age 7? I really admire the spontaneity and energy of these drawings.

Thanks, Jim. I usually use two pencils, an HB and a 2B or 4B. I use the medium pencil (HB) to start out the sketch, and I continue using the HB for the lighter tones. I switch to the softer pencil for the darker tones and the blacks. 

In practice, I keep the two pencils in my left hand, along with a kneaded eraser. In this drawing the boys were very active, moving around a lot, so I had to work decisively if I wanted to get anything down.

Dylan Foley and Dan Gurney / Irish Music of the Hudson Valley
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Portraits in the Wild / Painting People in Real Settings
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arturoquimico said...

Excellent story... I'm a retired chemist and musician... not one of my kids showed an interest in either field... it warmed my heart to hear your young son so knowledgeable about Celtic and Bluegrass music. I suppose there is a chance for my grandkids love music and real science... I find these art "stories" as warm and influencing as your how to videos... thanks for publishing...

Timothy Bollenbaugh said...

Arturoquimico: Science, art & music certainly abide & fuel one another. Work one any one and you simultaneously give the mind a rest and a chance to work on the others.

Maria Peagler said...

Your son was incredibly gifted for a 7-year-old! Not only for his deep interest in music, but for a rich vocabulary. I'm off to buy Portraits in the Wild right now!

Loretta said...

Did Franklin continue with fiddle?
I spent the last few days working on a few gouache paintings and images of you bravely wading in without hesitation was my guiding drive. It was fun. Keep up the good work James, we need you.

Meera Rao said...

Thank you - such a treat to hear your son Dan and you talk about music ! What a knowledgeable and passionate musician he was at age 7 and to have pursued it to adulthood :) Wish him all the best and congratulations to the proud parents ! You knew how to nurture the love and talent of a precocious kid ! What a gift to give to a child.