Thursday, November 1, 2018

Roadhouse Relics

While in Austin Texas, I look across the street to Roadhouse Relics, where Todd Sanders makes neon signs in the classic style of roadside America.

Note: 1) Giant chicken with hat, 2) BETO sign reflected, and 3) Neon 'Texas.'

I'm using M. Graham gouache in a Pentalic Aqua Journal. I place some big areas of tone over the whole thing, using big flat brushes, and I dry-brush the foliage textures. (link to video on Facebook)
Roadhouse Relics website
Sketch Easel Builders


Rich said...

Of course you've once more got all those letterings right, including the "ART-Gallery" one;-)

That whole Gurney Journey blog to me is an ongoeing Art-Gallery, for which I would like to thank you once more.

And yes, this short little sketch clip here shows your Big Brush Approach.
(the smaller brush being used only at the end).

Made me think about the "Think Big" strategy in economics.
Seems to work in art as well:-)

James Gurney said...

Rich, yes. As John Singer Sargent said: "Start with a broom, and end with a needle."

Anonymous said...

Hi. If youre still here...

I dont expect you to visit and peruse MY paintings, but you must go to see the paintings of other Austin artists! I hope you sssy out of the galleries and go into the homes! Google EAST & go vidit the artists on the EAST map