Monday, November 5, 2018

Give a Dog a Bone

I want to paint a portrait of Smooth, the husky mix. I give him a bone, and maybe he'll stay in one place.

Well, he doesn't hold still, but the bone occupies his attention.

Here's a video showing the process. Video link to YT
Tutorial video downloads: Painting Animals from Life  and Casein in the Wild 
How to Make a Sketch Easel (DVD) Pentalic 5 x 8 inch Aqua Journal
Casein Explorer's Set (12 colors)
Casein 6-pack with brushes


scottT said...

I love your dog paintings. It may sound strange, but may favorite part is the way you described the structure of the far left leg spatially with color, texture, and just the right amount of outline to add graphic power. A 'masterstroke" I dare say.

Tobias Gembalski said...

Beautiful captured, especially under these circumstances ...