Monday, January 7, 2019

A Museum for Stones with Faces

Photo courtesy Yukkawanet
Two hours north of Tokyo is a museum featuring rocks that appear to have human faces. It's called Chinsekikan, which translates as 'Hall of Curious Rocks.'

The collection was originally assembled by Yoshiko Hayama who discovered rocks that he compared to E.T., Elvis Presley, Jesus, Gorbachev, Nemo, and other personages. His only requirement is that every rock be formed by natural processes.
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Tobias Gembalski said...

Great! Whenever I am on a beach I always end up searching for interesting stones.

Timothy Bollenbaugh said...

Maybe my doppelgänger resides there—I've been called a blockhead.

debraji said...

They remind me of the little forest spirits in Miyazaki's movie, "Spirited Away".

Cait Kirste said...

I love learning about this. I have a stone with a face that my dog fished out of the river about 12 years ago. I've always loved it and have it propped up in my outdoor shower. The face is so expressive - half humorous half grimacing. How great to see a whole collection of these stones.

Cat165 said...


Vladimir Venkov said...
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Vladimir Venkov said...

I have one. It looks like a head of a person biting on a piece of something.Actually the piece is another smaller stone stuck in its mouth :).