Thursday, January 24, 2019

Deadline Today for Submitting to Spectrum

Today is January 24, the deadline for entering the Spectrum Annual of Contemporary Fantastic Art. It's a prestigious collection of fantasy and science fiction artwork, concept art, paleoart, comic art, and sculpture.

It's easy to enter because all you have to do is email them a digital file. And the fee isn't too much: just $20 for a single piece, and $40 for a series of five or fewer.

The jury is an impressive group of professionals in the field, including Kei Acedera, Wesley Burt, Bobby Chiu, Edward Kinsella III, and Colin and Kristine Poole

If your piece is accepted, they send you a large hardbound book with your work printed inside it along with the other accepted entries.
More entry info on Spectrum's official site
On Amazon — Spectrum 25: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art

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