Thursday, January 17, 2019

Skyfish Rods

"Skyfish rods" are strange visual artifacts that have appeared on people's digital photos. 

When you enlarge them, they appear to be some sort of multi-winged flying fish. Sometimes they appear to have a dark body and four or six diaphanous wings. 

In reality it's a familiar insect whose wingbeat action is stretched out along their path of movement.

Wikipedia says: "Some paranormal proponents claim them to be extraterrestrial lifeforms, extradimensional creatures, or very small UFOs. However, these artifacts appear naturally in video and outdoor photography as the result of an optical illusion due to motion blur, especially in interlaced video recording, and are typically afterimage trails of flying insects and their wingbeats."
Rods (Optics) on Wikipedia
More examples and explanation


Warren JB said...

That's what they want you to think. In reality, digital cameras are inadvertently able to see into higher dimensions, capturing images of the telepathic colonisation of Earth by the great race of Vermicious Knidarians from Yoghurt-Sothothothoth beyond the stars.

Lou said...

Area 51 baby. That's all I'm gonna say, Area 51.

umaru said...

I’ve seen many of these with my own eyes when I lived in LA. Always terrified me. Strangely after moving to WA state, I have not seen a single one.

Unknown said...

This is similar to was captured today on my security camera what is it I have two different images taken at different times one at 19:21pm and the other 19:29pm it's very strange to me I've never seen anything like this in Australia before

Unknown said...

Everything is a phenomenon

Unknown said...

I have just found one on a weekly TV programme...Gold Rush. Its a clear image with good definition !!