Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Road by the Far Hayfield

I take a walk alongside the far hayfields with my son's dog Smooth.

Church Bells, watercolor and gouache, 5 x 8 in.
There's a little snow left over in the tire tracks, but it's disappearing, since it's above freezing. I'm fascinated by the way the tractor tracks wind back and ascends the hill. The far sky is framed by the delicate branches and deep woods. 

Smooth sits by me quietly, listening to the sounds of the sparrows flitting in the bushes, the geese flying over, and the faraway noon sirens and church bells (link to video on FB).

I'm using a Pentalic Aqua Journal with a few tubes of gouache (M. GrahamUltramarine Blue, Titanium White, and Terra Rosa) to supplement my portable watercolor kit.


scottT said...

I hate the cold and I'm a wimp when it comes to painting in it even when it's nowhere near freezing. Thanks for the inspiration (a kick in the pants). Your winter field has a Wyeth like severity with its flecks of remaining snow. Nice to see Smooth again. That is a great way to memorialize your experience of the day.

nuum said...

Love the Painting.
Love the Dog.

Warren JB said...

How do the japanese call it? Wabi-sabi? Wonderful.

James Gurney said...

Warren, thanks for mentioning that Japanese term, which is new to me. I looked it up on Wikipedia and am learning more about it. What aspect of the painting or the video made you think of that?

ScottT, I was definitely thinking of Wyeth, the one of the hill in Winter, 1946.

Nuum, Smooth is a great companion for sketching. He sits quietly and notices every sound and movement.

nuum said...

Master Gurney,
My four dogs passed away in 2018.
In 9 months all gone.

I will never be the same person again.

God Bless Smooth.
God Bless your Family.


Unknown said...

Antoinette Neethling from Sa, awesome,love your painting, style,use of medium,your aituation,what you make of your life there,dog,never have sbnow,never even thought of really psinting outside,in the snow,fasinating Life. Enjot, Blessings and thank you for sharing, it is inspirational.