Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Using machine-learning to arrange a bedroom

This computer rendering shows a 1980s teenage bedroom. There are posters on the wall and some stuff on the floor. It's a little messy. 

The elements were arranged by a recently announced machine-learning program called "Promethean AI."

(Link to YouTube) This video announces how the automated system selects and arranges elements in the room according to a written description.

The creators of the program say: "It knows what goes where, just like you and I do. It also has something we call a context. It can pick it up from the environment or you can expressly set it by saying that we are in the 80s for example and then it will make sure the suggestions fit the context."

This may be a glimpse of things to come, at least in the VFX and game worlds. However the video is a little misleading, because it's not creating things ex nihilo. The assets being arranged by the machine-learning algorithm are separately created with more conventional techniques.

Although this kind of emerging technology fascinates me, for my own art, I'll stick with pencils, paint, and brushes. If my role was limited to "specifying high level creative intent," I wouldn't be closer to the creative nexus; I would be banished from it. I'd rather be an artist expressing my intent at much lower levels.
Website: The Tricks of Learning Game Art

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