Sunday, May 3, 2020

Basic Watercolor Kit

My most basic portable kit is just three tubes of gouache: Titanium white, ultramarine blue, yellow ochre, and light red. 

Those colors can capture most natural effects, and the pan watercolor set is there need an accent color. The flat and round brushes can accomplish most of the strokes. There's not much palette space and the 2-oz water cup isn't really big enough, but it works in a pinch. 


Steve Gilzow said...

Looked up “Plakkaatverf” on the Ultramarine Blue. It seems to be Dutch for Poster Paint.

It has been educational, inspirational, and humbling to see what you accomplish with these limited means over the years. It’s been a privilege, too. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Speaking of palette space. I notice that in many of your outdoor painting sessions you use what appears to be a flat, hinged metal palette about 5” square. It is fully open with plenty of mixing room.

Just curious whether that is still available anywhere? I wasn’t able to find anything like it during my search the other day.

Thanks, Todd

James Gurney said...

Todd, I found that square metal box at a pen store in Montreal. I've never seen one like that anywhere else, either. I think it was designed as a pencil case (for short pencils).

James Gurney said...

Steve, that paint is a form of gouache that uses potato starch rather than gum arabic as a binder.

Unknown said...

Thanks James,

Maybe I’ll start looking for various pencil box designs. I like that you have a fairly large mixing surface.