Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Interview with Pencil Kings

Here's a new podcast interview with Mitch Bowler of Pencil Kings. 

We discuss: 
Time management 
Thoughts on social media
Tips for making art videos
Radio and podcasting
Limited palettes
Painting exercises from Color in Practice
How to get started
Commitment and risk in traditional media
Art school myths, learning cultures
Composition and eyetracking
Taking risks
Online education
Learning with new technology

1 comment:

Bevan said...

I used to work for a police department and after midnight they would play old radio plays. Those long nights on patrol were so much more fun with a radio play in the background. Sometimes when I would have to go out on a call I would be sad to have missed how a radio show ended.

Additionally, I love when a book cover has a great painting. That one image is enough to carry you through the book and to build on with your imagination. In the past you have done plenty of cover illustration, and from what I understand-- you read through the material, you create reference photos or maquettes to build the idea into life. What else is involved in your process? What else do you do to bring that image from mind to paper/canvas?