Monday, July 13, 2020

Movie Pitch: Epsilon Virus

Here's an idea for a movie story that I call "The Epsilon Virus": 

Communication from the International Space Station goes dark. A rescue mission of four people goes up to find out what happened, leaving two in quarantine in the arrival pod. The advance team discovers all the astronauts have transformed into reptilians who speak and act in superhuman ways that the rescuers barely comprehend. 
The reptilians cut off all communications with Earth. As each crew starts making sense to each other, the rescuers find themselves transforming too: one develops a turtle head, the other a lizard. An alien virus? Or a weird life cycle? It's clear the humans have gained in intelligence and capacity. 
The two humans who stayed back in quarantine must decide whether a) to cut loose and return to warn Earth, b) to escape with the aliens to the Epsilon system, or c) kill everyone on both crews.
PS I did this sketch in a copy ofColor and Light, one of dozens of copiesordered by the entire WETA Creatures team.


Unknown said...

I would watch this

A Colonel of Truth said...

Does the Epsilon system tax its residents?

Bevan said...

Sounds interesting, though Hollywood would most likely twist it into another planet of the apes ;)