Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Polenov's Drawing Evenings

Vasily Polenov (Russian, 1844-1927) hosted artistic gatherings at his home where his friends could assemble to draw costumed figures.

Konstantin Korovin. Artists at a “Drawing Evening” at Vasily Polenov’s

Fortunately a few of these "drawing evenings" were documented in quick sketches. The model is visible dressed as a soldier.

For the session below, the model was dressed in a desert costume, probably acquired by Polenov on a trip to Egypt and the Near East when he was researching Biblical paintings. 

Yelena Polenova. Artists at a “Drawing Evening”
at Vasily Polenov’s Home. 1889

The sketch is by Vasily Polenov's sister Yelena Polenova, an artist who became well known for her illustrations of fairy tales. 

Here is one of her paintings, called "The Beast."

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