Thursday, July 2, 2020

Mel Brooks Meets Abstract Art

in this 1963 short, comedian Mel Brooks is the voice of a skeptical character looking at abstract moving shapes in a crowded theater. (Link to YouTube)

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Timothy Bollenbaugh said...

Exactly what was heard in 1963. I'm a witness! The environment was infested with it.
James, it's a good thing your childhood environment consisted of who you've described in past posts or we wouldn't have your books, paintings and posts.
Seriously, you recently mentioned "aphantasia" an inability to envision a finished product and produce it. Some commenters were concerned. But maybe you and others have that ability plus the ability and underlying desire to bring a project to life, produce a real sensory experience—that's a different equation altogether.
Wouldn't it be nice to just envision something and draw that. But couldn't one be as likely to be restricted by that. Is it drawing what you know and not what you see? Sensory imagery isn't always visual.
But that's more a wondering, not by any means is it science or a conclusion.
Carl Sagan had said that as a student he couldn't absorb mathematical instruction as the better students could, who could pass tests, but didn't really understand what they were working with. He said, because he had to really learn what it was all about, he acquired a comprehensive understanding enabling him to work with problems and develop solutions. This, he said, is harder, but also responsible for his achievement.