Saturday, July 18, 2020

Louise Abbéma

Louise Abbéma (1853-1927) was a French painter who specialized in flowers and portraits, particularly of women.

She studied with  Charles Joshua Chaplin, Jean-Jacques Henner and Carolus-Duran, and one of her early successes was a portrait of the actress Sarah Bernhardt, who remained a close friend for life.

According to the National Museum of Women in the Arts, "Her high-society portraits executed with a light touch and rapid brushstrokes reveal the academic and Impressionist influences that shaped her style. Her sitters included French diplomats and other notable members of society. Abbéma developed a variety of techniques using oil paints, pastel, and watercolor, and worked on various supports, including fans."
Louise Abbéma on Wikipedia


Lou said...

Louise looks like Edna "E" Mode from The Incredibles!

Susan Krzywicki said...

like the in and out symmetry - the highlights in her hair, the bow, her outfit - top and skirt. Slightly off-kilter but still relating side to side and in triangular shapes