Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Bix Maquette

This maquette of the Protoceratops named Bix in Dinotopia was sculpted by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. The sculpt is about 36 inches long, cast in resin from a clay original. 

It has wonderfully expressive glass eyes. 

The Henson sculptors created it as a proof of concept for how they would develop the character in animatronic form, and the original has appeared in several museum exhibitions.


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Bob said...

Bix! Those privileged to see her "in person" at the Stamford Museum in 2015 (or other exhibits) could marvel at her realism. You just know that if she were alive, she would be fulfilling many assignments, including negotiating with Basin carnivores and generally promoting peace throughout Dinotopia. Besides your books, Bix has found her way into various fanfics and such, yet no movie so far. Her wisdom is sought out everywhere on the island. Taking the trouble to build maquettes or have them made shows in the realism of your own artwork. Breathe deep, seek peace.