Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Should an Art Student Develop a Style?

Drawing by Otto Eggers

Arthur Guptill, an author of several books on drawing, advised that a student should not try too hard to arrive at an arbitrary style of his or her own too early. 

"If he is content, instead, to do his work as well as he knows how, searching for truth in drawing and an honest interpretation of nature's values, studying all the while other drawings in order to benefit by the experience gained by other men, and seeking always for the best way to meet the requirements of the problem at hand, he will unconsciously develop a method or style expressive of his own individual self."

Arthur Guptill, page 78 in Sketching and Rendering in Pencil, 1922 


Richard said...

One of the biggest struggles I have as an instructor is getting through new students heads that style is built through practice and repetition. You find a cool way to draw a hand that works and you add it to your repertoire. That's all style is a collection of aha moments when working.

SummaSummanum said...