Thursday, April 13, 2023

Try Out My New Chatbot

We trained a chatbot to answer your art questions. 

Try out the beta version at this link.
Share screenshots of your interaction, using the hashtag #virtualJG and I’ll send signed posters to my five faves.


Bob said...

This knowledge base is amazing! Your virtual self responded to my query about perspective with tips related to guide marks and vanishing points, even recommending a book on the subject. It feels like having the Waterfall City Library at my disposal.

VirginiaFhinn said...

Wow! This is super!! It had one weird response - I asked it if you had ever used a red lens or red filter to see values and it said you hadn’t… then I asked it how to practice values and it said “try using a red filter” hahaha! It did give me great advice about photographing paintings :)
I will 100% be using this again! Fun! Thank you!

James Gurney said...

Virginia, yes, you definitely have to take any answers it gives you with a grain of salt, but if you try a question a few different ways it gets there.