Sunday, November 23, 2008

Antiquities Dealer in Tangier

Hello to the blog folks from Jim in Tangier Morocco. The trip is almost over and I will be home soon to with a lot of posts. Here is a portrait I did yesterday of an antiquities dealer in a cafe in Tangier.


Jason Peck said...


These Portraits youve been doing are just wonderful, keep em coming.

Cant wait for you to get back, Im anxious to see what sort of works you produced on your trip.

Best Jason

Shane White said...

Has a little Bogart quality to it.



slflew said...

Did Mr. Gurney write in Arabic, or did the antiquities dealer? It's nice penmenship.

James Gurney said...

slflew, James learned how to sign his name in Arabic before leaving, so the Arabic under his signature is James'. The other Arabic writing on the left is the signature of the antiquities dealer.

Erik Bongers said...

Well...I'm not an expert but...James' handwriting looks nicer, doesn't it!
I'm impressed.
...and by the drawing too of course.

Nick said...

Looking forward to hearing all about it. These portraits are so deceptively simple too, great characterisation.

clyde semler said...


I stumbled accross your site today. Your watercolor heads are very keen indeed. Thanks for sharing them and for all the information you post for artists.

Clyde Semler

James Gurney said...

Clyde, thanks for stopping by, and thanks, everybody, for the kind words.