Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to Paint a Giant Snake

The new August/September issue of International Artist magazine has a feature that I wrote called “How to Paint a Giant Snake.”

It profiles the portrait of Titanoboa for the National Wildlife Federation’s Ranger Rick magazine. The article contains photos and studio tips that don’t appear in either this blog or my books.

But that’s just a starter. The magazine’s other features include:

--“A Day in the Life of an Artist” with Burton Silverman.
--Detailed report on the “The Art of the Portrait Conference 2010” by Matthew Innis (who has left some great comments on this blog).
--Portrait Society of America’s 12th Annual Award Winners.
--Harley Brown’s “Four Principles that Affected Rembrandt and Van Gogh”
…and much more!

More at International Artist's website
More about the Titanoboa painting, at Chronogram magazine's website


Tommy Scott said...

Ha! My buddy just bought this issue and told me about your article, so I checked your blog and sure enough. I now must buy that issue. Never know when I need to paint a giant snake. =)

goat89 said...

Most interesting! Will see if I can get a copy here in Vancouver!